Explosion or Bomb Threat Procedures

Initial Actions | If There Is An Explosion | Bomb Threats (via Telephone) | Bomb Threats (via E-mail, Letter or Note) | In Any Bomb Threat Situation

Initial Actions
A suspicious-looking box, package, object, or container in or near your work area may be a bomb or explosive material. Do not handle or touch the object. Move to a safe area and call the University Police immediately at 878-6333. Use a telephone in a safe area. Do not operate any power switch, and do not activate the fire alarm.

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If There Is An Explosion:

  • Take cover under sturdy furniture, or leave the building if directed to do so by emergency responders.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not light matches.
  • Move well away from the site of the hazard to a safe location.
  • Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
  • Call University Police at 878-6333. Follow "General Evacuation Procedures."


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If You Receive a Bomb Threat (via the Telephone):

  • Stay calm and keep your voice calm.
  • Pay close attention to details. Talk to the caller to obtain as much information as


  • Take notes. Ask questions:
    -When will it explode?
    -Where is it right now?
    -What does it look like?
    -What kind of bomb is it?
    -Where did you leave it?
    -Did you place the bomb?
    -Who is the target?
    -Why did you plant it?
    -What is your address?
    -What is your name?
  • Observe the caller's:
    -Speech patterns (accent, tone)
    -Emotional state (angry, agitated, calm, etc.)
    -Background noise (traffic, people talking and accents, music and type, etc.)
    -Age and gender
  • Write down other data:
    -Date and time of call
    -How threat was received (letter, note, telephone)
  • Call University Police at 878-6333 and submit your notes from the telephone call or the bomb threat (letter or note) to University Police.
  • Follow University Police's instructions.


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If You Receive a Bomb Threat (via E-mail, Letter or Note):
If you receive a bomb threat via e-mail, letter or note, telephone University Police at 878-6333 and save note as evidence to be turned in to University Police.

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In Any Bomb Threat Situation:

  • Check your work area for unfamiliar items. Do not touch suspicious items; report them to University Police at 878-6333.
  • Take personal belongings when you leave.
  • Leave doors and windows open; do not turn light switches on or off.
  • Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
  • Move well away from the building and follow instructions from emergency responders.


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