General Evacuation Procedures

An evacuation is defined as the emptying of an occupied area and the transference of its occupants to a safe location. A critical element of any evacuation is transportation. In many campuses and communities, auto-dependent commuters congest roadways to the point of "gridlock." The dense urban population, high number of resident students and use of transportation alternatives at Buffalo State College must be taken into account when planning the steps necessary to evacuate all campus occupants, whether they arrived by public transit, single-occupant auto, carpool, or bicycle.

In a major emergency, the decision to implement evacuation procedures generally rests with the EOC Jurisdiction Executive. In situations requiring immediate action, public safety responders (Police, Fire, Environmental Health & Safety) can also order an evacuation. When evaluating a possible evacuation, consideration will be given to the specific threat (bomb, fire, storm, explosion, hazardous materials incident, etc.), its context (time of day, likelihood, etc.) and the recommendation of first responders.

When evacuating your building or work area:

  • Stay calm; do not rush and do not panic.
  • Safely stop your work.
  • Gather your personal belongings if it is safe to do so. (Reminder: take prescription medications out with you if at all possible; it may be hours before you are allowed back in the building.)
  • If safe, close your office door and window, but do not lock them.
  • Use the nearest safe stairs and proceed to the nearest exit. Do not use the elevator.
  • Wait for any instructions from emergency responders.
  • Do not re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to do so by the emergency responders.

A building occupant is required by law to evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds.

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