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This serves as a notice to new employees and a reminder to others of the procedures to follow during snow emergencies and other extraordinary circumstances. Offices and other facilities operated by the state may be closed only by order of the governor; however, the Buffalo State president or his designee is authorized to cancel classes and recommend that all but essential service* employees not report to work.

Policy and Procedures
The president has delegated the authority to cancel classes and services to the vice president for Finance and Management. University Police is responsible for monitoring all relevant weather conditions and reporting to the vice president for Finance and Management.

If the decision to close and cancel classes is made before the start of the workday, the vice president for Finance and Management will inform University Police and College Relations. If the decision to close is made once classes are in session, the vice president for Finance and Management will consult with the vice president for Academic Affairs and notify University Police and College Relations of the decision. College Relations will activate the Buff State Alert emergency notification system and notify the following broadcast stations in either case:

AM Radio FM Radio Television
WNED-AM 970 WBNY-FM 91.3 (campus) WIVB-TV 4
WHLD-AM 1270 WBLK-FM 93.7  
WLVL-AM 1340 WNED-FM 94.5  
WJJL-AM 1440 WJYE-FM 96.1  
WWKB-AM 1520 WGRF-FM 96.9
(97 Rock)
  WKSE-FM 98.5  
  STAR-FM 102.5  
  WEDG-FM 103.3  
  WHTT-FM 104.1  
  WYRK-FM 106.5  


University Police also will inform the following:

  1. All vice presidents' offices
  2. The Buffalo State switchboard operator, ext. 4000
  3. The Campbell Student Union Information Desk, ext. 6511
  4. The Residence Life director, ext. 3000
  5. United Students Government Office, ext. 6701

An early decision to close and cancel classes will be relayed to the stations listed above by about 6:00 a.m. For information concerning cancelation of classes, please check the main Buffalo State web page www.buffalostate.edu, or call the school closing information number, 878-5000. Please do not call any other number for this information.

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Attendance Policy Under Emergency Conditions
If classes and services are canceled before the workday begins, employees designated essential service* are required to report. All other employees are excused under emergency conditions, but must charge the absence to appropriate leave accruals. Employees who elect to come to work may do so; however, the university cannot guarantee that they will be able to work at their usual locations or perform their normal duties. (See instructions below for employees who choose to report for work under emergency conditions.)

Should the closure occur during the workday, the vice president for Finance and Management will convey the decision to the other vice presidents who will ensure that the announcement is communicated throughout their respective areas. Again, essential service* employees are required to remain on the job or report to work as scheduled in this instance. Following official closure, employees may leave their work sites and charge the remainder of their workdays to appropriate leave accruals or continue working until their regular departure time.

Absences that result from the cancelation of classes and services must be charged to appropriate leave accruals as described below:

  1. Vacation, personal, compensatory, or holiday leave
  2. Sick leave, but only in event of personal or family illness
  3. Leave without pay (A written request must be submitted to the Human Resource Management Office no later than the end of the pay period in which the attendance record is due.)

*Essential services are those that must be maintained to ensure the well-being and protection of those who reside on campus, as well as the maintenance and security of university property. The following functions are considered essential services. Employees assigned to these areas are required to report to work under emergency conditions:

-The law enforcement division of University Police
-Campus services and facilities operations (all employees)
-Student health services (designated staff only)
-Residence Life (designated staff only)
-The Dean of Students
-Staff responsible for the care and feeding of animals or maintenance of greenhouse facilities

All employees who are designated as essential service will be notified in writing by their department heads.

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Directed Absences
Any employee who has reported to work and because of extraordinary circumstances beyond the employee's control (e.g., extremely hazardous conditions or physical plant breakdown) is directed by the university president or her designee to leave work shall not be required to charge this absence to leave accruals. Any such release of employees shall not create the right to equivalent time off for employees who are not directed to leave work. Supervisors, regardless of their good intentions, may not direct such absences.

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Instructions for Non-essential Service Employees Who Elect to Report for Work Under Emergency Conditions
Note: Parking may be severely restricted during periods of temporary emergency. Employees who report to work under these conditions must park in the Grant Street lot so that other lots may be cleared of snow.

  1. Employees must report to University Police, Chase Hall 110, to sign the Attendance Record/Emergency Conditions sheet. Employees also must sign the sheet before leaving campus.
  2. Employees report to regular work locations and perform regular duties, even if supervisor is absent.
  3. If the employee's regular work location is not accessible, he or she must report to the director of Campus Services and Facilities, Clinton Center, ext. 6111, or the director of Residence Life, Porter Hall, ext. 3000, for assignment.

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